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Getting to know your event

The Event Profile Page gives you an amazing multimedia experience with visuals and photos of the event you are looking for. It gives you a detailed outlook at the event you plan to attend.

Want to buy tickets

It's easy and simple. Just go to Yollay tickets. Choose your tickets, pay it through Yollay's secure encrypted technology that keeps your online transaction guarded from start to finish. It's all done from the comfort of your home

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Staying engaged with the Performing Artists is easy.

You always wanted to get to know the performing artists at the event. Their lifestyles, photos and visuals and much more. Yollay's events profile page has detailed their ccomplishments with visuals, photos and much more. Stay engaged, receive invitations and best of all create the social engagement. It's fun.

Venue and directions simplified

We understand your busy life-styles. Everything that you want to know about the event venue is made available to you and best of all the directions to the venue too.

Sending Invitations made easy

Make your guests and invitees feel special. Beautiful Invitation designs to woo your event guests and attendees. Its free. Need a custom design, we can do it for you...

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If you are on the go, traveling or just relaxing at home, Yollay App is just for you.You can buy event tickets, chect out event photos videos, Stay engaged with event participants, artists, friends, engage with them and you wont miss a thing
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