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    The Affair explores the dalliance between Krishna, the pastoral god of the Hindu pantheon, and Radha, head of the milkmaids. The myth of their romance is greatly extolled in the Gita Govinda, a 12th-century composition by saint-poet Jayadeva. Whilst these poems have come to signify a spiritual journey (as a quest for divinity) the pages flourish with descriptions of the sensuous, spelling out the romance between the couple. Over the centuries the differences in interpretation have arisen from conflicting interests, some puritanical and restrictive, others more worldly and liberating. Across conventions, a woman is idealised as chaste, docile, and devoted eternally to her husband’s wishes. In contrast, a broader view might show her to be self-assured, noncompliant, and tenacious in her pursuit for sensuality and passion. Thus do we see Radha—despite being married to another man—tormented by the separation from her beloved Krishna, and longing for emotional as well as physical union. How does she respond to his pleas and flattery? Does she heed her trusty confidant? Does she forgive Krishna his infidelity? Using selected poems from the Gita Govinda, The Affair attempts to marry the romance described in medieval Indian poetry with a nuanced exploration of womanhood. Employing the stylised dance forms of Bharatanatyam and Odissi, we narrate the physical, emotional and spiritual experiences that extend from the intimate to the infinite. About Sri Thina Dance: About Sooraj Subramaniam • Dance Artist About Shruti Abhishek: About Preethi Ramaprasad: About Aparna Shankar: About Tanu Sreedharan: About Sukanya Burman: About Komala Kumari Mayshark: About Namita Devadas About Lalli Venkat
    Sri Thina Subramaniam and Ensemble: The Affair - About
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