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    Rangeelo Raas is back for round two, but this time we're bringing the Swamp to the magical city of Orlando, FL! Organized by students from the University of Florida, the Executive Board of Rangeelo Raas 2018-2019 is proud to welcome you to biggest Raas-Garba competition in The Sunshine State! Join us on Saturday, February 23rd, at Lyman Auditorium, to witness 8 incredible collegiate Raas-Garba teams dance their hearts out at this official RAS National Bid Point Competition! Presenting the talented Rangeelo Raas Round 2 Lineup: -Basmati Raas -Dirty South Dandiya -Cornell Big Red Raas -GT Ramblin' Raas -Tar Heel Raas -UCSD Raas Ruckus -University of Maryland EntouRAAS -Wreckin' Raas Special Exhibition Performances by: -Rizwan Jagani, violist -UCF KnightRaas -University of Miami Swaggeraas -UF Dostana
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