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    • Bruin Bhangra Competition
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    Bruin Bhangra is a prestigious and well-acclaimed event, bringing in audiences and participants from all over North America and is associated with the creativity, originality, and vibrancy that illustrates what Punjabi culture and Bhangra is truly about. Since its establishment in 1998, the organization has grown to create a network of over 115 alumni, who are now representing Chak De Phatte Inc. all over the world. Our founders have recently come together to create a website dedicated to preserving the history, and bringing together all the talented individuals that once played a part in making Bruin Bhangra come together. TEAM LINE UP: Bhangra Knightz (Sacramento, CA) Cal Bhangra (Berkeley, CA) Da Real Punjabiz (San Diego, CA) FAUJ (Boston, MA) First Class Bhangra (Pittsburgh, PA) Royal Bhangra Girls (Bay Area, CA) Shaan Punjab Dee (Toronto, CA) Vancity Bhangra (Vancouver, CA)
    Bruin Bhangra Competition 2018 - About
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