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    Ashrita’s joy for dance is clear through each sway of her body in the kuchipudi style she is trained in. With a grace and sweetness to her dancing, she captures the essence of a the kuchipudi dancers of old through her movements. About Ashrita: Ashrita Keshav - Preetham is an accomplished Kuchipudi dancer, who has performed in nearly all the leading cultural organizations in and outside Chennai, and returned from a very well-appreciated dance tour of the USA, in 2017. A disciple of Guru Kishore Mosalikanti, Ashrita has been a part of his ensemble, performing in all the major dance festivals in India and the USA, since 2009. She is a recepient of the "She" Award(2018) from Viswa & Devji and 'WE' magazine for her achievement in Dance, and the title "Kalai Kalanjiyam" in Madurai, for her outstanding service in the propagation of Kuchipudi. A grade 'B' artist of the Doordarshan, Chennai, she runs a branch of her Guru's school and conducts workshops for children and expats. With a Masters' in Counselling Psychology, she tries to find a balance between work and her unabating passion for the dance form. About Drive East: Immerse yourself in the music and dance traditions of India - and enjoy their various permutations from artists across the globe. A festival like no other, with evenings featuring seasoned artists alongside undiscovered gems from around the world, Drive East brings you the legacy of a modern voice within an ancient form. www.driveeast.org.
    Ashrita Keshav: Kuchipudi Concert - Drive East 2019 - About
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