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    To watch Abhinava is to watch a group who is constantly pushing the boundaries of what Indian classical arts can be capable of. They mix a contemporary understanding with uncompromising classical principles for works of art that are deeply accessible and joyful to watch. About Nirupama and Rajendra Reddy: Nirupama and Rajendra are among India's foremost classical dancers. They belong to a family of educationists, artistes, and traditional storytellers. They have been working in the field of dance for over three decades as dancers, choreographers, producers, and performers and are founders and artistic directors of Abhinava Dance Company. They have created original, innovative, enthusiastic and imaginative works and performed to over six million connoisseurs in several countries across the five continents. They have been empanelled in the “Outstanding Category” of performing artistes by Indian Council for Cultural Relations and have received Karnataka Kalashree state award from Government of Karnataka.
    Abhinava Dance Company ft Nirupama Rajendra: Kathak Performance - About
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